The Database Project

The database of the Warwickshire Industrial Archaeology Society was born out of a desire to make an accurate, up-to-date list of the industrial sites of Warwickshire available to anyone with an interest in the county’s industrial archaeology and industrial history.  As such, it would act as the ideal first stop for anyone seeking to know what sites exist in Warwickshire, where they are located, and the possibility of accessing these sites. Interesting though they obviously are to the industrial historian, the database does not include sites that have disappeared and for which no evidence on the ground remains. This relatively modest goal is not without its challenges. The first was to decide the geographical coverage and the list looks at the existing county of Warwickshire, plus Coventry and Solihull. This broadly follows the pre-1974 boundary of Warwickshire.

The database appears in three versions on the website. The first is a database listed by location, the second by industry and third is by alphabetical order. Within these lists, each site has a link to a (current) photograph on a separate collection of photographs. Each site is listed by name, by location, by grid reference, by industry and by state of access. Preparing the database raised many issues about the range of sites that deserve to be included within the term ‘industrial archaeology’, and precisely how these sites might be classified. This can be particularly difficult where change of use has occurred over time, or where an item of interest is included within a non-industrial activity.

The databases are designed to be updated at regular intervals. This enables new information (provided from a variety of sources) to be included on the site. The details of how this can be done are included below.

Viewing the Databasedbimage2

The following codes are used to identify locations and access facilities.

Access Codes:
A=Public access always
O=Public access at certain times
V=Visible from a place of public access
P=Private, not visible
District Codes:
NOR=North Warwickshire
STR=Stratford upon Avon
YMU=Museum in Warwickshire
ZMU=Museum outside Warwickshire

The database can currently be viewed in three PDF options –
by location, by industry or in alphabetical order.
A fourth version displaying photos in album form is also available.

Simply click on the links below to open the database. In PDF format you can view or save to you own PC/Mac.
Another link will take you to the photo album which can also be accessed direct from the PDF’s.

When a PDF database is open you can search within the document by
just clicking on the Ctrl+F keys together. Enter a few letters or words into the search box.

When the photo album is open you can search by entering a number or name, part name etc. in the top right corner of the index page.

Adding to the Databasedbimage2

WIAS warmly welcomes contributions to the project.
1) Check the database first to see if the place you have in mind has already been added.
2) Complete a submission form in one of the formats below.

To submit a database information sheet there are two options, using your PC or pen and paper method:

Complete the on line form and attach a photo if available –
the form will be sent direct to WIAS.

Open & print off the pdf version for manual completion and
return by post or at any WIAS meeting – bring a photo to the meeting on your camera.

That’s all there is to it!

Database of Warwickshire Bridges

WIAS member Roger Cragg has now compiled a comprehensive list of the bridges throughout Warwickshire. The list is similar in format to our main database project, as outlined above. There are no plans to link photographs at this stage.