WIAS Visits & Trips


Tuesday 18th June 10:30 a.m.
Glenfield Tunnel. The longest rail tunnel in the world when built in 1832 and Swannington excavations and village and incline.  We will meet at the Railway Inn and have the tunnel tour in the morning and then have lunch in the Railway Inn and then head over to Swannington. 
Please see https://www.lihs.org.uk/glenfield-tunnel/ for more info about the tunnel. 
Information about the dig is available at https://www.lihs.org.uk/califat_excavation/
Cost to be advised in due course.

Sunday 7th July at 11 a.m.
Hook Norton Brewery tour.  See https://www.hooky.co.uk/ hopefully we will be able to see the steam engine operating on that day.  Cost £20.

Tuesday 17th September at 11 a.m.
Shelsey Walsh Watermill. Following on from Max Hunt’s talk last year, a visit to Shelsey Walsh Watermill in Worcestershire has been arranged. Numbers are limited so early booking is advised.  Cost is £5 per head. See https://www.shelsleywatermill.com/ for further info.

Contact and Booking
Alain Foote, WIAS Visits Secretary, Email alain.foote@outlook.com
Phone 01788 810113 or 07801 774277

Other Trips of Interest

Heritage of Industry Tours
Heritage of Industry Tours for 2024 are now available on their website.
Click on this link to visit.