Index of Meetings

Index of  WIAS Meetings

Over the years, the amount of meetings held by the society has been considerable and some are so long ago as to have been forgotten! However, records of meetings and visits, (usually walks), do exist as far back as 1993 and these have been compiled as a searchable index. Use the search box towards the right to find a particular meeting topic or speaker by just typing in a few letters.

13th May 1993A walk around the Chapelfields area of Coventry. Please meet at the junction of Craven Street and Allesley Old Road at 7.00 p.m. This walk will be in conjunction with the Coventry Watchmakers Project.Visit
John Haslam
15th May 1993 A visit to Hemmings Brickworks, 274, Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry (with the entrance at the side of Uni-Rents).Visit
10th June 1993
A joint meeting with Atherstone Civic Society taking the form of a walk around Atherstone. Meet at 7.00 p.m. in the car park at Atherstone Station. (Judy Vero suggests M69-A5; Martin Green prefers M42 - A5; Toby Cave would use "the attractive route" via Meriden, Fillongley and beyond. Your choice!).Visit
27th June 1993Visit to the cement works at Long Itchington at 10.30 a.m. This is by ticket only, and the Society has applied for 25.Visit
8th July 1993Peter Chater will lead a walk from Newbold on Avon to Long and Little Lawford, return along the Oxford Canal. Please meet at 7.00 p.m. by the two pubs - the Boat and the Barley Mow - close to the canal and the church in Newbold.Visit
Peter Chater
10th July 1993Open Day at GEC Alsthom, Rugby.Details to be published
14th October 1993 "Coal Mining in the Nuneaton Area" at 7.30 p.m. in the Warwick School Junior Drama Hall.Alan Cook
16th October 1993 Visit to the Rugby Works of the Rugby Cement Company. Details can be obtained from Toby
11th November 1993 "Recollections of the Birmingham Paint Industry" at 7.30 p.m. in the
Warwick School Junior Drama Hall.
Sid Canning
13th January 1994Our Annual Members' Evening of slides and videos at 7.30 p.m. in the Warwick School Junior Drama Hall.Members
10th February 1994 "Early Development of British Petroleum Marketing in Great Britain". This will be
based on the BP Archives, now housed in the Modern Records Centre of the University
of Warwick.
Anita Hollier
10th March 1994Annual General Meeting, followed by Roger Cragg on "The Life andWorks of Thomas Telford" at 7.30 p.m. in the Warwick School Junior Drama Hall.Members
14th April 1994"Great Central Railway" at 7.30 p.m. in the Warwick School Junior Drama Hall.Arthur Jordan
12th May 1994Visit to the Modern Records Centre and British Petroleum Archives at the University of Warwick. Organised by Richard Storey and Anita Hollier. Limited to 15 members.Visit
26th May 1994Visit to Longbridge Sewage Treatment Plant. Arranged by Severn Trent Water. Details to be announced. Limited to 20 -25 members.Visit
22nd June 1994Peter Chater: continues his series of walks with a visit to the Oxford Canal. Please meet at 7.00 p.m. for a 7.15 p.m. start on the A423 Southam to Banbury road, near the old Fenny Compton Tunnel. There is parking space by the side of the road for a number of cars.Visit
Peter Chater
13th October 1994John Selby: one of our members, will talk on his research into The Tunnel Brickworks, Fenny Compton'.John Selby
10th November 1994 'Further aspects of the Industrial History of Nuneaton'. This is a follow-up to his highly successful talk to the Society last year.Alan Cook
8th December 1994Talk on the Elan Valley Dams. This will provide a fascinating insight into a piece of industrial and social history.Rita Morton
12th January 1995Members Evening: This is a chance for members to show some of the slides and videos that they have been taking, or simply to give a short presentation on a topic that interests them. We also hope to have an IRIS update at this meeting, with plans established for the coming twelve months.Members
9th February 1995'The Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway' by Roger Cragg. Roger has given us much insight into our Civil Engineering heritage and he now turns his attention to a railway close to his heart.Roger Cragg
9th March 1995“The Machine Tool Industry of Coventry" by Arthur Astrop. Arthur has provided an introduction to this topic elsewhere in this issue.Arhtur Astrop
13th April 1995Trevor Lord: of the Motor Museum at Gaydon will talk on "The History of Petrol Filling Stations in Great Britain in the 1920s and 1930s."Trevor Lord
11th May 1995AGM followed by speaker to be arranged.Members
8th June 1995Members Evening and IRIS Update. A similar venture to the January meeting, with plans established for the summer months.Members
13th July 1995'Shop front geology' A guided tour of Leamington Spa by Mr. John Crossling. Please meet at the top of the western (Tesco) end of the Parade, Leamington Spa at 7.15 p.m. This is strongly recommended.John Crossling
10th August 1995John Haslam: has led us into 'unknown' territory in Coventry before and he continues this with a walk around Earlsdon. Please meet at 7.00 p.m. for a 7.15 p.m. start outside Earlsdon Library.Visit
John Haslam
10th September 1995Sunday visit to Rugby Cement Open Day at Southam Works. Tickets available from the Chairman in due course.Visit
14th September 1995Dr. Nigel Crowe:
Heritage Officer, British Waterways. 'The British Waterways Architectural Heritage Survey'.
Dr. Nigel Crowe
12th October 1995Dr. Shirley Rodden:
The Telford Memorial Library followed by IA of Warwickshire: Bridges by Roger Cragg.
Dr. Shirley Rodden
Roger Cragg
9th November 1995Roger Waring:
The Stonebridge Railway' followed by IA of Warwickshire: Railway Stations by Peter Chater.
Roger Waring
Peter Chater
14th December 1995Rita McLean:
on the Soho House Project, Birmingham.
Rita McLean
11th January 1996Members Evening and IRIS Report followed by IA of Warwickshire: Gasworks by Toby Cave.Members
Toby Cave
8th February 1996Gillian Bardsley:
'The History of the Lucas Company of Birmingham' followed by IA of Warwickshire: Ironstone Quarries by Mark Abbott.
Gillian Bardsley
Mark Abbott
14th March 1996Keith Croucher:
on 'Lead Mining in the Peak District'.
Keith Croucher
11th April 1996Trevor Lord:
of the Gaydon Motor Museum on the History of Petrol Filling Stations in Great Britain during the 1920s and 1930s.
Trevor Lord
9th May 1996AGM followed by 'Railway Adventures around Nuneaton' by Peter Lee.Members
Peter Lee
13th June 1996 Members Evening and IRIS Report.Members
12th September 1996Huw Jones:
Keeper of Industry, Herbert Museum, Coventry. 'The Coventry Silk Weaving Industry'.
Huw Jones
10th October 1996John Goode:
'The History of the Warwick GasWorks'.
John Goode
14th November 1996C. Innes Jones:
'Leamington's Water Supply'.
C. Innes
12th December 1996V.C.Miles:
'West Midlands Gas Appliance Manufacturers'
9th January 1997Members Evening and IRIS ReportMembers
13th February 1997Mark Singlehurst and Kevin Wilkins:
'Coventry Car Factories'. Mark and Kevin played a major role in producing the Centenary Guide to the remaining sites in the City.
Mark Singlehurst
Kevin Wilkins
13th March 1997Andrew Baxter:
'Roman Engineering'
Andrew Baxter
10th April 1997Dr Barrie Trinder:
'The industrial archaeology of the milk train' We are very fortunate to have a visit from one of the country's leading experts on industrial archaeology.
Dr. Barry Trinder
8th May 1997Roy Thomas:
'The engineering work of Frederick Lanchester'.
Roy Thomas
12th June 1997AGMMembers
27th June 1997'A walk in the Offchurch area'. This is another in the series of evening walks organised
and researched by Peter Chater, one of our members.
Peter Chater
11th July 1997An evening visit to the Warwick Railway Museum.Visit
11th September 1997Ron Hall:
'Letter Boxes and their History.’
Ron Hall
9th October 1997Ray Shill:
'The Birmingham Canal System and its Carriers.'
Ray Shill
13th November 1997Robert Herring:
'Restoring Vintage farm Machinery'.
Robert Herring
11th December 1997Roger Cragg:
'The London and Birmingham Railway.'
Roger Cragg
9th January 1998Michael Price:
'The South Wales Railway Coal Trade'.
Illustrated by video.
Michael Price
13th February 1998Edward Woodward:
'The Coventry Canal'.
Edward Woodward
12th March 1998Jim Foster:
'Aspects of the History of the Telephone System'
Jim Foster
9th April 1998Fire Service Preservation Group - Midlands Branch.
Speaker and subject to be confirmed
14th May 1998Keith Thomas:
'Brickmaking in North Warwickshire'
Keith Thomas
11th June 1998Annual General Meeting and Members' EveningMembers
9th July 1998Gazetteer Group Meeting, an attempt to make a positive start to the task of listing IA sites in WarwickshireAll members welcome
10th September 1998John Burge:
Chairman of Friends of Ferguson Heritage: 'The History of the Ferguson Tractor'
John Burge
8th October 1998Steve Bagley:
Curator of the Coventry Motor Museum:
The History of Car Making in Coventry
Steve Bagley
12th November 1998Adrian Shooter of Chiltern Railways:
'The Chiltern Railway System'
Adrian Shooter
10th December 1998TBATBA
14th January 1999Glynne Bowsher:
'The Thrust Project'
Glynne Bowsher
11th February 1999Roger Butler of British Waterways:
'Aspects of the Canal System'
Roger Butler
11th March 1999David Fry:
'Coventry's Industrial Heritage as seen through old postcards'
David Fry
8th April 1999Mr. Duston of the Fire Service Preservation:
Group Fire Fighting through the Ages'
Mr. Duston
13th May 1999TBATBA
10th June 1999Annual General Meeting and Members' Evening.Members
9th September 1999Anthony Coulls:
'Adventures of an Industrial Archaeologist'
Anthony Coulls
14th October 1999Roger Bailey:
'The Development of the Coventry Transport System'
Roger Bailey
11th November 1999Richard Drew:
'The Early History of Electricity in Leamington Spa'
Richard Drew
9th December 1999David Hooper:
'What the Butler saw at the end of the Pier'.
A look at the history of slot machines.
David Hooper
13th January 2000Roger Butler:
'A further look at our Canal Heritage'
Roger Butler
10th February 2000Donald Rushton, M.A., C. Eng: The Victorian Engineers that Changed the World'Donald Rushton
9th March 2000Arthur Astrop:
'More recollections of the Machine Tool Industry'
Arthur Astrop
13th April 2000Robin Leach:
'Mill End, Kenilworth: the last 150 years'
Robin Leach
11th May 2000A speaker from the Midland Air MuseumTBA
8th June 2000Annual General Meeting and Members' Evening
13th July 2000
Members' Research EveningMembers
14th September 2000Ian Frimston:
'Three local aerodromes: Wellesbourne, Gaydon, Shennington'
Ian Frimston
12th October 2000Clive Hester of Ordnance Survey:
'The history of Ordnance Survey'
Clive Hester
9th November 2000Mark Barnard:
'The development of the Rover gas turbine car'
Mark Barnard
14th December 2000Keith Draper of the Coventry Evening Telegraph: 'Aspects of Coventry’s industry'Keith Draper
11th January 2001Maureen Bourne:
'Francis Skidmore of Coventry the famous 19c metalworker'
Maureen Bourne
8th February 2001David Kennet of the British Brick Society: 'The development of brick making in the British Isles'David Kennet
8th March 2001M T Sharman:
Warwickshire Bridges, 'How the county council looks after our local bridges'
M T Sharman
12th April 2001Dr Barrie Trinder:
'The I.A of two world wars: manufacturing industries and their problems'
Dr Barrie Trinder
10th May 2001
14th June 2001AGM and members’ eveningMembers
12th July 2001Members’ research eveningMembers
13th September 2001Roger Cragg:
'The history of railway signalling'
Roger Cragg
11th October 2001Brian Redknap, former City Engineer of Coventry: 'Thoughts on planning of Coventry from a historical point of view'Brian Redknap
8th November 2001Nigel Crowe of British Waterways:
'Recent work at British Waterways'
Nigel Crowe
13th December 2001Jo Bell:
'Exploring Telford’s Welsh Road'
Joe Bell
10th January 2002
14th February 2002J M Carrington:
'The Motorway Archive and the preservation of documents telling the story of the construction of British Motorways'
J M Carrington
14th March 2002Anthony Coulls:
'Power in Manchester; the Energy Collection of the Museum of Science & Industry'
Anthony Coulls
11th April 2002Brian Stokes:
'How Automotive products became Leamington Spa’s largest manufacturing company'
Brian Stokes
9th May 2002Geoffrey Starmer:
'Changes in IA in Northants in the last 35 years'
Geoffrey Starmer
13th June 2002Peter Lee:
'Railways in the Warwickshire Coalfield'
Peter Lee
11th July 2002AGM followed by Lyndon F Cave:
'How to make cement and concrete, the Warwickshire cement industry'
Toby Cave
12th September 2002Peter Lee:
'Railways in the Warwickshire Coalfield'
Peter Lee
10th October 2002Charles Catt:
'Why Roads Exist'
Charles Catt
14th November 2002Dr John Bland:
'Coal Mining in North Warwickshire'
Dr John Bland
12th December 2002Paul Howells:
'Restoring the Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa'
Paul Howells
9th January 2003Peter Coulls:
'A Look at the History of Fairground Machines'
Peter Coulls
13th February 2003TBATBA
13th March 2003Huw Jones:
'Coventry’s Engineering Heritage'
Huw Jones
10th April 2003
Alan Cooke:
'Subject to be confirmed'
Alan Cooke
8th May 2003Peter Cross-Rudkin:
'Some Warwickshire Eighteenth Century Engineers and their Work'
Peter Cross-Rudkin
12th June 2003TBATBA
10th July 2003Society AGM, followed by
Lyndon F. Cave:
'Brick making in Warwickshire'
Toby Cave
11th September 2003Dr Michael Hodder:
'The Industrial Archaeology of Birmingham'
Dr Michael Hodder
9th October 2003John Boynton:
'Railways to Stratford-upon-Avon'
John Boynton
13th November 2003Regional Survey:
'A presentation by members of the Society on the industrial archaeology of the Warwick District'
11th December 2003Dr Barrie Trinder:
'The Industrial Archaeology of the Market Town'
Dr. Barrie Trinder
8th January 2004Dr Anthony Streeten:
'Industrial World Heritage Sites in the UK:
Successful Nominations and Future Prospects'
Dr. Anthony Streeten
12th February 2004An Evening Led by Members of the Society: 'The Stratford District'Members
11th March 2004Dr Alan Cooke:
'Once Upon a Time - the World’s Thickest Coal Seam. The Geological Story of the Warwickshire Coalfield'
Dr Alan Cooke
8th April 2004Ken Chapman:
'Troth and Hillson: The Langley Ploughmakers'
Ken Chapman
May 13th 2004Mike Rumbold:
'Some History of the Weedon Royal Ordnance Depot'
Mike Rumbold
June 10th 2004Dr George Noszlopy:
'The Public Sculpture of Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire: Some Industrial Connections'
Dr George Noszlopy
July 8th 2004Society AGM and Members’ ContributionsMembers
September 9th 2004Mrs T Demidowicz:
'The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter'
Mrs T Demidowicz
October 14th 2004D Fowler:
'The History of Cheese and Cheese Making in Warwickshire' Includes cheese tasting!
D Fowler
November 11th 2004John Boynton:
'The London and Birmingham Railway'
John Boynton
December 9th 2004J Burton:
'Ribbon-weaving and Hat-making in the Bedworth Area'
J Burton
January 13th 2005Dr Mike Hodder and Mrs Toni Demidowicz:
'The Birmingham Glass Industry'
Dr. Mike Hodder and Mrs Toni Demidowicz
February 10th 2005George Sayell:
'The Old Mineral Line, West Somerset'
George Sayell
March 10th 2005David Depledge:
'Coventry Airport: Past, Present and Future'
David Depledge
April 14th 2005Members’ Evening:
'The Industrial Archaeology of the Rugby District'
May 12th 2005Peter Cross-Rudkin:
'William James: Father of the Railways?'
Peter Cross-Rudkin
June 9th 2005Martin Green:
'Aspects of the Industrial Archaeology of New Zealand'
Martin Green
July 14th 2005Mike Buxton:
'Milestones: Warwickshire and Beyond'
Mike Buxton
September 8th 2005 Hugh Compton:
'The Oxford Canal'
Hugh Compton
October 13th 2005Dr Michael Harrison:
'Highlights of Recent Annual Conferences of the Association for Industrial Archaeology'
Dr. Michael Harrison
November 10th 2005David de Haan:
David de Haan
December 8th 2005Prof. Marilyn Palmer:
'Technology in the English Country House and Estate'
Prof. Marilyn Palmer:
January 12th 2006Roger Cragg:
'Thomas Brassey'
Roger Cragg
February 9th 2006Tim Booth:
'Emscote Mill'
Tim Booth
March 9th 2006Jeromy Hassell:
'White and Poppe'
Jeromy Hassell
April 13th 2006George Demidowicz:
'The Soho Foundry'
George Demidowicz
May 11th 2006Martin Green:
'Aspects of the Industrial Archaeology of New Zealand'
Martin Green
June 8th 2006Mel Thompson:
'Woven in Kidderminster'
Mel Thompson
July 13th 2006AGM and Members’ Evening to include:
'Aspects of the Industrial Archaeology of North Warwickshire'
September 14th 2006Brian Jones:
'The Birmingham Pen Trade'
Brian Jones
October 12th 2006Mike Beech:
'Foxton Locks and the Foxton Inclined Plane'
Mike Beech
November 9th 2006Anthony Coulls:
'Locomotion: NMR at Shildon'
Anthony Coulls
December 14th 2006Members’ Evening: 'Brunel'Members
January 11th 2007Ron Speddings:
'The Rolls Royce Heritage Trust, Coventry'
Ron Speddings
February 8th 2007Roger Cragg:
'Thomas Telford'
Roger Cragg
March 8th 2007Jeromy Hassell:
'Joseph White: Watchmaker'
Jeromy Hassell
April 12th 2007Hugh Jones:
'The Building Stones of Warwickshire'
Hugh Jones
May 10th 2007Derek Billings:
'Aspects of the Industrial Archaeology of Cornwall'
Derek Billings
June 14th 2007Melvyn Thompson:
'Woven in Kidderminster Part 2'
Melvyn Thompson
July 12th 2007AGM and Members’ Evening:
'The IA of Nuneaton and Bedworth'
September 13th 2007Ron Moss:
'Chain-making in the Black Country'
Ron Moss
October 11th 2007Martin Bloxsom:
'Stratford and Midland Junction Railway'
Martin Bloxsom
November 8th 2007David Bright:
'The Mill and Engine House at Warwick Castle'
David Bright
December 13th 2007John Frearson:
'The Lime and Cement Industry of North Warwickshire'
John Frearson
January 10th 2008Anna Stocks:
'Listing and Planning Issues for the Industrial Archaeologist'
Anna Stocks
February 14th 2008Chris Holland:
'Forgotten Hero: Joseph Elkington Agricultural Pioneer. 1739-1806'
Chris Holland
March 13th 2008Tony Green:
'Mapmaking: Past Present and Future'
Tony Green
April 10th 2008Michael Derby:
'Coke Quakers and Charcoal'
Michael Derby
May 8th 2008Peter Leather:
'Industrial Birmingham 1760-1840'
Peter Leather
June 12th 2008John Burton:
'Nineteenth Century Industry in the Bedworth Area'
John Burton
July 10th 2008AGM and Chairman’s LectureMembers & Chairman
September 11th 2008Lawrence Ince:
'Engine-Building at Boulton and Watt’s Soho Works'
Lawrence Ince
October 9th 2008Michael Derby:
'Coke Quakers and Charcoal'
Michael Derby
November 13th 2008Ms. Gillian Bardsley and Rev. Colin Corke:
'Car-Making at Longbridge'
Gillian Bardsley and Rev Colin Corke
December 11th 2008Malcolm Hancock:
'The History of Rugby Radio Station'
Malcolm Hancock
January 8th 2009Members’ Research EveningMembers
February 12th 2009Nicholas Billingham:
'The early industrialisation of Stratford upon Avon'
Nicholas Billingham
March 12th 2009Brian Ellis:
Blinman: 'A nineteenth century South Australian copper mine and its environment'
Brian Ellis
April 9th 2009Joanne Gloger:
‘There is more to a needle than meets the eye’: Needle-making in Redditch and beyond
Joanne Gloger
May 14th 2009Dr Jim Andrew:
'The Smethwick Engine'
Dr Jim Andrew
June 11th 2009AGM followed by
The Chairman’s Lecture
Members & Chairman
September 10th 2009David Close:
Chedham’s Yard'
David Close
October 8th 2009Steve Bagley and Damian Kimberley:
'Three Cycling Pioneers of Coventry – James Starley, William Hillman and George Singer'
Steve Bagley and Damian Kimberley
November 12th 2009TBATBA
December 10th 2009Roger Cragg:
'Robert Stephenson'
Roger Cragg
January 14th 2010Dr Amelia Pannett:
'Warwick Gas Works'
Dr Amelia Pannett
February 11th 2010Richard Hartree:
'The Aluminium Works at Banbury 1929-2009'
Richard Hartree
March 11th 2010A joint meeting with the Leamington Society:
'The works of William Louis de Normanville'
April 8th 2010Dr Malcolm Dick:
'Matthew Boulton (1728 – 1809) and the celebration of industrial technology'
Dr Malcolm Dick
May 13th 2010Peter Coulls, Alain Foote and John Willock:
'Willans Works'
Peter Coulls, Alain Foote and John Willock
June 10th 2010A presentation by members:
'Industrial Archaeology Abroad'
September 9th 2010AGM followed by ‘The Last Picture Show’ a showing of 35mm slides by members to reflect the work of WIAS over the past 21 yearsMembers
October 14th 2010Mike Glassson:
curator of the Walsall Leather Museum, and author of several books on the leather trade:
'The Walsall Leather Industry'
Mike Glasson
November 11th 2010Sarah Chubb, borough archivist for Sandwell Community History and Archives Service: 'Chance Brothers – glassmakers of Smethwick'Sarah Chubb
December 9th 2010WIAS members who attended the AIA Conference in Cornwall:
‘Aspects of the industrial heritage of Cornwall’
January 13th 2011TBATBA
February 10th 2011Peter Cross-Rudkin:
'The life and works of John Rennie (1761-1821)'
Peter Cross-Rudkin
March 10th 2011Anthony Leahy and Martin Green:
Nelsons of Warwick – gelatine and a great deal more
Anthony Leahy and Martin Green
April 14th 2011Tim Booth:
'Warwickshire Mills, news of research and updates on the state of various mills in the county'
Tim Booth
May 12th 2011Members Evening:
'a chance for several short contributions from members'
June 9th 2011Damien Kimberley, of Coventry Transport Museum:
'The Coventry motor-cycle industry'
Damien Kimberley
September 8th 2011AGM and Industrial Shorts. 'A programme of short presentations from members, each lasting no more than fifteen minutes. Co-ordinated by Martin Green'Members
October 13th 2011Sally Hoban:
'Curator The History of Birmingham Assay Office'
Sally Hoban
November 10th 2011Roger Bailey:
'Coventry Transport'
Roger Bailey
December 8th 2011Peter Lee:
'Nuneaton and Bedworth Coal, Stone, Clay and Iron'
Peter Lee
January 12th 2012Christina Evans, Archaeological Project Manager (Outreach) at Warwickshire County Council. 'Warwickshire Historic Environment Record and the Imaging Past and Present project'Christina Evans
February 9th 2012John Bedington:
Charlecote Mill: 'Powered by two large undershot waterwheels from the River Avon, the mill grinds wheat and maize between French burr millstones to make cornflour and wholemeal wheat flour'
John Bedington
March 8th 2012Graham Fisher MBE:
Jewels on The Cut. '(Stourbridge glass industry and the Stourbridge Canal)'
Graham Fisher MBE
April 12th 2012Sam Collenette: Archive Service Manager
'From Bolton to Warwick. Warwickshire County Record Office'
Sam Collenette
May 10th 2012Derek Hurst:
'Droitwich Salt Production: The technology'
Derek Hurst
June 14th 2012Jeromy Hassell:
'Coventry Machinists and Coventry Victor'
Jeromy Hassell
September 13th 2012'AGM and Industrial Archaeology of Essex’. Co-ordinated by Martin Green, with a report on this year’s AIA Conference held in Essex'Members & Chairman
October 11th 2012A Living Dinosaur: 'from crystal sets to quantum computing in one lifetime'Dennis Cripps
November 8th 2012'Four Hundred Years of Stroudwater Textiles'Ian Mackintosh (of the Stroudwater Textile Trust)
December 13th 2012'From Pens to Particle Physics: the story of a Birmingham family business'John Berkeley OBE
January 10th 2013'The English Electric Company 1918-1968'Alain Foote
February 14th 2013Members’ Evening
'A chance for members to give short presentations on topics of their choice'
March 14th 2013'The first iron-framed building in the world: Ditherington Flax Mill – history and restoration'John Yates
April 11th 2013'Ariel motorcycles from Selly Oak'Richard Thomasson
May 9th 2013'Newman Coffin Works, Birmingham'
Elizabeth Perkins (Director, Birmingham Conservation Trust)
June 13th 2013'Leamington’s manufacturing past – Ford and Automotive Products'
Members and Visitors
September 12th 2013AGM and Chairman’s Lecture – ‘The industrial archaeology of Dundee’Members & Chairman
October 10th 2013Roger Cragg: ‘Managing the civil engineering heritage’
Roger Cragg
November 14th 2013'Pontcysyllte: its place in history’Dr. Barrie Trinder
December 12th 2013‘The History of British Thomson-Houston, Rugby'Alain Foote
January 9th 2014'Industrial Coventry in old postcards’David Fry
February 13th 2014'The Channel Tunnel Fires’John Brace
March 13th 2014‘Jonathan Dumbleton Pinfold and the Brickmakers of Rugby'John Frearson
April 10th 2014'A new light on an old industry: the industrial archaeology of the Worcestershire potter'Malcolm Nixon
May 8th 2014'The rise and fall of the Northamptonshire boot and shoe industry’.Peter Perkins
June 12th 2014Members Evening
‘1989-2014: Twenty Five Years of WIAS’
September 11th 2014AGM, Report on the AIA Conference in Chester, and members’ contributionsMembers
October 9th 2014‘The Ford Foundry, Leamington Spa’Peter Grenfell
November 13th 2014‘Cadburys and Bournville’Bob Booth
December 11th 2014‘Nooks and Crannies of Warwickshire’s Industrial Heritage’Martin Green
January 8th 2015‘The BAe 146: the last UK designed civil aircraft’Richard Thomasson
February 12th 2015‘Coventry Shadow Factories’Christiaan van Schaardenburgh
March 12th 2015‘Leamington’s Water Supply’Jeff Burgess
April 9th 2015‘Housing the Great Exhibition – the Crystal Palace of 1851’Jim Andrew
April 28th 2015Visit to Ironbridge Power Station, SalopMembers
May 14th 2015‘Matthew Boulton and the Soho Mint: Copper to Customer’Sue Tungate
June 11th 2015Members Evening ‘Industrial archaeology and agriculture – strange bedfellows?’Members
September 10th 2015AGM, including Report on the AIA Conference in Sussex, followed by Martin Green ‘ Company housing and company towns: Warwickshire and beyond’Members & Chairman
October 8th 2015‘From Fleas to Phantoms: a museum in the making'John Berkeley OBE
November 12th 2015‘English railway stations’Dr. Steven Parissien
December 10th 2015‘Bringing Birmingham’s Water: The Elan Valley Aqueduct’Roger Cragg
January 14th 2016‘The Willans Project – what did it achieve?’ An evening where speakers – principally archivists Gary Collins and Donata Santorini– will explore the results of the project to catalogue the archive held at the County Record OfficeGary Collins and Donata Santorini
January 22nd 2016Visit to Newman Bros Coffin Works, Birmingham Members
February 11th 2016‘Industry in Banbury: an overview 1700-1960’Dr Barrie Trinder
March 10th 2016‘Rover – The Marque Doomed to Die’Mike Gould
April 14th 2016‘Nuneaton’s Mills and Factories’Peter Lee
May 12th 2016‘The London Water and Steam Museum’Anthony Coulls
June 9th 2016Members Evening 'An opportunity for members to give short presentations on topics of their choice'Members
June 19th 2016'Visit Ditherington Flaxmill and Coleham Pumping Station, Shrewsbury'Alain Foote
July 8th 2016'Visit to the “Cementing Relations with Southam” exhibition in Southam followed by a site visit to examine the remains uncovered during the excavations at Nelson’s Wharf Stockton'Alain Foote
July 21st 2016'Visit - Chris Barney will be leading a tour of the canal installation and buildings at Braunston'Alain Foote
Chris Barney
September 8th 2016AGM followed by Tim Clark: ‘The Parkes, Brookhouse and Crompton Mill at Warwick’Members
Tim Clark
September 12th 2016Visit to Toye, Kenning & Spencer Members
October 13th 2016'An Art of Great Importance to Commerce' : the Midlands Japanned tin and papier mâché industry of the 18th and 19th centuriesYvonne Jones
November 10th 2016‘The work of the Association for Industrial Archaeology’ followed by a report on the AIA Conference 2016 … plus … Martin Green ‘Travels with my camera’Chris Barney
Martin Green
November 30th 2016Visit to Toye, Kenning & Spencer Members
December 8th 2016‘The Kempton Great Engines’Alain Foote
January 12th 2017‘A working life at Alvis and beyond’Peter Crowley
February 9th 2017‘The Lost Railway: Lapworth to Henley in Arden’Paul Baker
March 9th 2017‘Nelson’s and Kaye’s: two Warwickshire cement companies’John Frearson
March 19th 2017'Visit to Kempton Great Engines and London Museum of Steam and Water'Alain Foote
April 13th 2017'The immense historical significance of the cast iron cooking pot'Richard Williams
May 11th 2017Chairman’s Evening
An evening of short presentations co-ordinated by the Chairman, Martin Green'
Martin Green
June 8th 2017‘Thomas Newcomen and the engine that changed the world’David Hulse
September 14th 2017AGM, AIA Conference and Chairman’s Report followed by short presentations including Richard King: ‘ The Henley in Arden and Lapworth Railway 1959-1961’Members & Chairman
Richard King
October 12th 2017‘The Canals at Lapworth and Rowington’Nick Holmes
October 30th 2017'Visit to the Birmingham Museum Collections Centre at Dollman Street, Nechells in Birmingham'Alain Foote
November 9th 2017Joint presentation by WIAS and Leamington History Group, ‘The Ironfounders of Leamington Spa’Mick Jeffs, Peter Coulls,
Margaret Rushton, Martin Green
November 24th 2017'Visit to Charlecote Mill, Warwickshire'Alain Foote
December 14th 2017‘Canal reservoirs’David Brown
January 11th 2018‘The Healey Archive’Robert Eyre
February 8th 2018‘Military Head Protection’
Plus members’ contributions
Peter Stanworth
March 8th 2018‘The Stench of Victorian Indecision’Tony Boughton
March 17th 2018'Visit to the former Coventry Evening Telegraph premises'Alain Foote
April 12th 2018‘The Exhall Colliery Disaster’John and Lynda Burton
May 10th 2018‘Marc Isambard – the other Brunel’Roger Cragg
June 14th 2018‘A Way with Water: water resources and the life of an eighteenth century Warwickshire park’ (Farnborough)Stephen Wass
September 13th 2018Annual General Meeting and Chairman’s LectureMembers & Chairman
October 11th 2018‘The Healey Project’Robert Eyre
November 8th 2018‘Birmingham Brassfounders: a fierce cartel’Duncan Frankis
December 13th 2018 ‘Another Icarus: The Rise and Fall of Percy Pilcher and the Art of Flying’Roy Smart
January 10th 2019Members Evening: ‘Twenty’s Plenty’. A series of short presentations each lasting less than twenty minutes. Topics to be announcedMembers
February 14th 2019‘Forgotten Foleshill’David Fry
March 14th 2019‘The legacy of the Stockton and Darlington Railway’Anthony Coulls
March 19th 2009'Visit to Taylors Bell Foundry in Loughborough'Alain Foote
April 11th 2019Stanley Mills, Perthshire: 'Textile Milling in Good and Bad Times'Peter Bolton
May 9th 2019‘The history of the Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Co.’Alain Foote
June 13th 2019‘The Redditch Needle Industry’Chris Barney
July 13th 2019'Visit to VIP day at Fawley Hill Railway and Museum near Henley-on-Thames'Alain Foote
September 12th 2019Annual General Meeting and Chairman’s LectureMembers & Chairman
October 10th 2019‘The Warwick and Leamington Tramways’Peter Coulls and Allan Jennings
October 20th 2019'Visit to Crossness Pumping Station'Alain Foote
November 14th 2019'The geological background to Warwickshire’s industrial activity'Brian Ellis
December 12th 2019'The Life and Engineering Achievements of Dr. Frederick Lanchester’Ian Pogson
January 9th 2020'Giants in the Sky - the Zeppelin in World War One'David Skillen
February 13th 2020‘Twenty’s Plenty: Members Evening’
A series of short presentations by members, with each talk lasting up to twenty minutes
March 12th 2020‘The Life and work of Sir Frank Whittle’Ian Whittle
April 9th 2020
Cancelled Covid-19
‘Bandstands - History, Decline and Revival'Paul Rabbitts
May 14th 2020
Cancelled Covid-19
‘Fetch the Engines: a history of the Warwickshire Fire Service’Mike Bunn
June 11th 2020
Cancelled Covid-19
‘A View of Computing History – 22,000 years in 60 minutes’Peter Hoath
September 10th 2020
Zoom Meeting
‘The Dale Dyke Dam Disaster’Roger Cragg
October 8th 2020
'Industrial Archaeology Highlights of a round-the-world trip in January and February 2020'Alain Foot
November 12th 2020
'E Crossley & Son - Aircraft Constructors of Banbury'John Berkeley OBE
December 10th 2020
‘The Victorian and Edwardian Industrial Buildings of Oxford’Liz Woolley
January 14th 2021
'The Bentley Boys Story'David Skillen
February 11th 2021
‘The UK’s Forgotten Transporter Bridge and the Campaign to Save It’ Margaret Ingham
March 11th 2021
‘Eighteenth Century Coventry Silkmen: Master’s of the City’s Industrial Universe’David Fry
April 8th 2021
‘The Salt Archaeology of Cheshire’Dr. Mike Nevell
May 13th 2021
‘Gloucestershire’s Industrial Heritage’Dr. Ray Wilson
June 10th 2021
‘The History of the Kitchen Range’Dr. David Eveleigh
September 16th 2021
AGM followed by a talk reflecting the diversity of Warks industrial heritage, 'Chains, Caravans and Corsets'Members & Chairman
October 14th 2021
‘The Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway’Roger Cragg
November 11th 2021
'The North Wales Slate Industry'Dr. David Gwyn
December 9th 2021
'Bogs, Baths and Basins: the History of Domestic Sanitation'David Eveleigh
January 13th 2022
'Brass, Steel and Fire:
100 years of Model Engineering'
Anthony Coulls
Senior Curator Rail Transport & Technology - National Railway Museum
February 10th 2022
'The Manchester Ship Canal'Roger Cragg
March 10th 2022
'Glover, Boon, Eagle - and Glover again: The changing industrial landscape of Warwick 1880-1920'Martin Green
April 14th 2022
'Silent Servants: the long story of electric vehicles in Britain'Eric Woodcock
May 10th 2022
'A Guided Tour of the Victorian Industrial Buildings of Oxford'Liz Wooley
May 12th 2022
'The Bonniksens and Leamington Aerodrome'Allan Jennings
June 9th 2022'The Edge Hill Light Railway'Andrew Baxter
June 10th 2022
'A Guided Tour of Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield'Members
June 29th 2022
'Visit to HS2 Tunnel Site, Long Itchington'George Illingworth
July 11th 2022
'Visit to the site of The Edge Hill Light Railway, Edgehill'Andrew Baxter
July 14th 2022
'A Guided Tour of Berkswell Windmill'Alain Foote
July 21st 2022
'Visit to HS2 Tunnel Site, Long Itchington'George Illingworth
September 8th 2022
AGM & 'The Photographs of Derek Billings'Members & Peter Coulls
November 10th 2022
'The London and Birmingham Railway' Roger Cragg
December 8th 2022
'The History of Stourbridge Glass'Dr Kate Round
January 12th 2023
Advancing the Work of Prometheus:
'the Impact of Artificial Light in the Workplace and Beyond'
Dr Ian West
February 9th 2023
'Water as a Mechanical Agent'Alan Hill
March 9th 2023
‘Twenty’s Plenty’ and Lydney ProductsMembers &
Stuart Thomas
March 22nd 2023'Visit to Dennis Eagle factory, Warwick'Members
April12th 2023'Visit to the W O Bentley Memorial Foundation', WroxhallMembers
April13th 2023
’A View of Computing History - 22000 years in 60 mins’Peter Hoath
April 19th 2023'Visit - Stourbridge Glass and Canal Walk'Members
May 11th 2023
'Herbert Austin and the Longbridge story'Max Hunt
June 8th 2023
'The Aluminium Works, SONA and Stratford Produce Canners'Martin Green
September 14th 2023
'Twenty's Plenty'Members
September 24th 2023'Visit to Claymills Pumping Station, Burton on Trent'Members
October 12th 2023
'The Riley Story'Victor Riley
November 9th 2023
'Harry Ferguson - Man of Vision'Chris Clack
December 14th 2023
‘Milestones in Marine Steam Technology’Alan Hill
January 11th 2024
‘Brickmaking and the Development of Canals in the Black Country’Elizabeth Thomson
February 8th 2024
'Starfish, Stripes, Decoys and Dummies. Camouflage and Deception at War’David Skillen
March 14th 2024
‘Sir William Lyons: The Great Opportunist’Tony Merrygold
April 11th 2024
‘The Work of The Chance Heritage Trust’Mark Davies
May 9th 2024
‘Guns and Cars - BSA's motoring history’David Daniel
June 14th 2024
'Celebratory Event for 35 Years of WIAS'Martin Green
June 18th 2024'Vist & Tour - Glenfield Tunnel and Swannington excavations Leicestershire'Members & Leicester IAS
July 7th 2024'Visit and tour of Hook Norton brewery'Members