Newsletter & Retort!

WIAS Newsletter

The first edition of the WIAS Newsletter was produced in December 2000 and replaced the Retort Magazine, a much larger and more expensive publication. The Newsletter is produced quarterly and is available in paper format at meetings of the society or digitally as a .pdf document on the website. The publication contains a variety of articles and meeting reports which can be enjoyed at leisure. Apologies for the quality of the first few scans – if there is a member with good paper editions of  issues 1-6 please get in touch if you would be happy to lend them to WIAS for re-scanning! Open on line below and save a copy to your own pc if you wish.

WIAS Newsletters

Edition 1-10Edition 11-20Edition 21-30Edition 31-40
Edition 41-50Edition 51-60Edition 61-69Edition 70-79
Edition 80-81

WIAS Magazine “Retort!”

Retort! was published by WIAS between Spring 1993 and Summer 2000. Recently scanned copies are available to view and download below. The magazine grew considerably as it evolved and as a consequence the scanned files of the larger issues are quite large. Allow time for them to open if you have a slow internet connection.

WIAS Magazine Retort!

Retort Issue 1Spring 1993Retort Issue 01
Retort Issue 2Summer 1993Retort Issue 02
Retort Issue 3Winter 1993-94Retort Issue 03
Retort Issue 4Autumn 1994Retort Issue 04
Retort Issue 5Summer 1995Retort Issue 05
Retort Issue 6Summer 1996Retort Issue 06
Retort Issue 7Summer 1997Retort Issue 07
Retort Issue 8Summer 1998Retort Issue 08
Retort Issue 9Summer 1999Retort Issue 09
Retort Issue 10Summer 2000Retort Issue 10

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